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‘Hibernation Day is nearly here’

It’s time to book a time slot!

The Sanctuary has received numerous complaints from our residential neighbours about the parking during events held at the sanctuary recently. To lessen the burden and ease congestion, we will now be only be able to accept 10 people per time slot. This will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Please let me know which time slot you would prefer ASAP and I’ll email to confirm availability.

The times available are:

Saturday 5th November – 10 -11am

Saturday 5th November – 11-12pm

Saturday 5th November – 12-1pm

Saturday 5th November – 1-2pm

Saturday 5th November 2-3pm

Saturday 5th November 3-4pm

Sunday 6th November 10-11am

Sunday 6th November 11-12pm

Sunday 6th November 12-1pm

Sunday 6th November 1-2pm

Sunday 6th November 2-3pm

Sunday 6th November 3-4pm

Please complete and return the attached Hibernation consent form to


before Hibernation Day

Please respect our neighbours and park accordingly

‘Pre Hibernation Health Check 2016′

We will be holding a pre hibernation check on Sun 2nd October 2016 at the sanctuary from 10am until 4pm. We encourage all our members to bring their tortoises to get weighed and measured prior to hibernating. This will help you understand the health of your tortoises prior to making the decision to hibernate them. If your tortoises are under weight we may recommend you keep them awake this winter in order to keep them healthy. All pre hibernation health checks are free of charge to members.

The date for tortoises coming in for hibernation is Sunday 6th November 2016. Hibernation cost – £14 per month per tortoise box. Wake up day is Sunday 26th February 2017.

Please see the below address and contact details should you need to contact us.

Where can I find you?

International Tortoise Association 71 South Road Sully Vale Of Glamorgan CF64 5SL

For further information please contact us on:
02920 531282 or 01446 744433